What Sets Us Apart

Your best smile … starts at Bonafield Orthodontics!

Orthodontic treatment is a journey, as you move from feeling uncomfortable about your appearance to being confident in your straight, beautifully healthy teeth.

At Bonafield Orthodontics, we love accompanying our patients throughout their transformation, supporting their progress and celebrating their achievements. When treatment is finished, we’re all proud of what we’ve achieved: your best smile!

Why Bonafield Orthodontics?

Orthodontic care is an investment of your time and energy: treatment delivers improved oral health, stronger self-esteem, and a smile that’s brimming with confidence.

Dr. Cynthia Bonafield and her team know what we do changes lives. We have served our friends and neighbors since 1993, and built relationships that last long after final visits. We love seeing beautiful smiles around town and hearing about the places patients have taken those smiles!

Our Practice

A one-doctor, one-location practice, Bonafield Orthodontics provides the most consistent, efficient treatment experience with unparalleled continuity of care.

Everything we do is focused on your health and happiness. We want you to feel welcome, secure, and at home in our office, knowing we consider you to be family. You will be treated with compassion and we will respect your unique concerns and desires.

Our Doctor

Dr. Bonafield was a dental hygienist and general dentist before specializing in orthodontics. This extensive background and training gives her an encompassing view of care, and enables her to design a treatment approach that goes beyond aesthetics.

When crafting your treatment plan, she will consider your oral health, especially your bite, along with your appearance. With this focus and her attention to detail, she will deliver a lasting improvement to your dental health and your best smile!

Our Team

Each member of our team is highly trained, professional, and dedicated to providing you with an exceptional orthodontic experience. We are responsive, thoughtful, accommodating, and people-oriented, and we thrive on the friendships that grow during treatment.

You will never feel like an anonymous number on a chart when you’re visiting us, we promise. We’ll greet you by name, welcome you as a friend, and look forward to your visits as a time to catch up on your latest news!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

The first step on the path to a life-changing smile — to your best smile — is a complimentary, no-pressure consultation at Bonafield Orthodontics in Fairmont, WV. Please contact us and schedule yours today!

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